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Brand New // New Brand

Tracy Vaughn and I have worked together for so long that we’re actually rebranding on my own design! This is a great place to be - watching my clients grow both themselves and their businesses! Tracy is an exceptionally hardworking broker; she’s passionate, fiercely feminine, artistic and funny and we wanted to create something that felt more like who she is. The new branding had to feel like a “step up” in terms of style, while not losing the aspects of her previous logo that she loved for so long.

Don’t Dull My Sparkle

After a fun-filled trip to visit my extended family in North Carolina and Virginia, I came down with the plague and lost all energy for almost ten days, and the bulk of my creativity as well. Being creative on demand is a skill that takes time to develop, but when you’re out, you’re out.

I reached into my wonderful toolbag for my favorite logo designer, Sarah Alston, who just happened to be available for a two day Design Jam with me. The homes that Tracy is hoping to focus on listing are in Sarah’s old backyard; it was a match made in heaven. “Just design something that makes you want to list a house with this amazing agent. Go.”

The Drawing Board

Okay, I can almost hear my favorite prof telling me that “you have to do the process” and all the other brilliant things she would say anytime I tried to take a shortcut. You have to do a thousand sketches, throw them away and start fresh. Since Sarah’s been helping me with logo design, she’s been reminding me of a lot of my basics and we’ve been revamping the way I offer deliverables to my clients.

For Tracy, it was important for me to create a mood board with her because 1) I wanted her to see herself in this new light, and 2) it helped me hone in on her goals and needs for her the direction of her business.

On a side note: I may have sparkled all over myself with monogram this design. *swoon

Making a Match

I know that I say this often, but this really is one of my favorite things about my job; The Refresh. Watching the look and feel begin with an idea, a touch of color and few magic sprinkles and spreading into new high-end brochures, an updated website style, email designs - each piece adding to the value of her brand. Special thanks to Sarah Alston for the awesome logo design and to Tracy for being the kind of creative person that is a joy to play with.

There’s always an “&”

And. we’re already sold and on to showcase this incredible sale in only three days to the rest of the neighborhood! Congratulations to my client and her clients, too!

Tracy Vaughn Branding Postcard Pending.jpg

NEW LISTING: Escala #2005


Remodeled. Redesigned. Reimagined.

Recently remodeled with wide plank rift oak floors, a wall on the southside removed to reveal more extended views of the Puget Sound. An exposed concrete ceiling adds height and custom style to the space, automatic Lutron shades make for easy privacy and walls of windows invite the sunshine in to fill the space. The elegant gourmet kitchen offers a custom-built dining bar with refrigerator drawers, granite countertops, custom backsplash and stunning Italian Pedini cabinetry. Stainless steel appliances and plenty of counterspace are ready for the budding chef. Modern custom lighting and a built-in, mirrored bar in the dining area creates a luxurious space ready for entertaining.


2 Bedrooms + Den
2 Bathrooms
1,988 Square Feet
2 Balconies
Semi-Private Vestibule
2 Parking Spaces
1 Storage Space

Offered at $2,395,000

Collateral included a custom property website [  ], a brochure, an email campaign & a Just Listed postcard

Collateral included a custom property website [ ], a brochure, an email campaign & a Just Listed postcard

RE/MAX Northwest

RE/MAX Northwest

Work Hard. Be Nice.

RE/MAX Northwest is the largest RE/MAX in Washington State and they are still growing. They needed a website that was dynamic and engaging, but also useful. So, it needed to be pretty, but they also needed to be able to showcase properties, build out a Market Report and blogs, and showcase their current and new brokers.

Custom Design_Map of Seattle and Eastside for REMAX Northwest NEW OFFICES.jpg

It started with their tagline: Work Hard. Be Nice. We wanted to capture the kindness and values of the people that work there, embrace the largeness of the company and welcoming to potential brokers. Wordsmithing is always important; the owners had done an incredible job of putting these values into words, which made my job much easier, and helped me understand what they needed to showcase. We made recommendations on the direction for the site, but they gave our team a lot of freedom to be creative.

Each of the ten locations is highlighted individually, with custom coded IDX feeds for each location, highlighted properties and beautiful images. Custom map design, market report design and tons of research went into this project, and the clients were thrilled with how it turned out!

Pantone's Color of the Year | Living Coral

PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral

PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral

According to Pantone: “Vibrant, yet mellow PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral embraces us with warmth and nourishment to provide comfort and buoyancy in our continually shifting environment.”

All I can think when I see this is color is my best friends dumb little antique chair that she painted this wonderful, shocking color that matches nothing in her home so it sits on the porch.

My best friend’s husband Sam pictured on the chair, his true love, Luna on his lap and guard dog, Xollin.

My best friend’s husband Sam pictured on the chair, his true love, Luna on his lap and guard dog, Xollin.

It’s wonderful, bright, cheery and ridiculous. Pair it with blues and it feels like a beach house. Pair it with grays and it becomes elegant.

esperluette creative pantone living color room.jpg

Pantone’s goal was to create an authentic color that is both sociable and spirited that symbolizes our innate need for optimism and playful expression. Mission accomplished.


And speaking of coral…

Dr. David Vaughan is a marine biologist who works specifically with coral reefs. Due to an actual “oops” in science, he found out that while the coral reefs are still in danger, he could speed up the growth of the reefs by - get this - breaking them. Just a “happy little accident,” as Bob Ross likes to say. But this happy accident is going to change, and possibly save, our oceans.

Introducing: The Seattle Condo Group

The new website for The Seattle Condo Group

The new website for The Seattle Condo Group

I’m so freaking excited to introduce this incredible website! Featuring a carefully curated collection of condos that possess the exacting standards that we expect for our clients. When we talk about the luxurious lifestyle of downtown Seattle, this is what we're talking about.

Full page ad design in Luxe Magazine, announcing the release of

Full page ad design in Luxe Magazine, announcing the release of

Dreaming of Kitchens

I love kitchens; I’m not completely useless in a kitchen, but outside of the best toast and coffee that you’ve ever had it’s not really my forte. Meanwhile, the man that I love is constantly in the kitchen trying new things. Smells of slow roasting garlic, fresh spices and simmering something on the stove that makes me drool.

Needless to say, I’m much happier on the other side of the dining bar with a drink and a good story while he cooks. But I still love a good kitchen. Here are a few of my favorites from this year.

I had a client who did a big half day clam bake with nearly 30 brokers. They laughed and ate and talked and took photos and posted it on their social media. The house sold within 2 weeks. It’s a great way to showcase a home and property, especially as the season slows down.
— Deep Thots with Jesse Gibbs

Listed by Olga Dyckman, Windermere | 737 Olive Way #2705, Seattle

Condo kitchen are always a challenge, but Olive 8 certainly does them well. Pedini cabinetry, neutral colors, inset lighting and soft finishes play with the open spaces and the floor-to-ceiling windows. This kitchen makes me dream of dabbling in fine cuisine, puttering over buttery sauces and warm breads while soft holiday music plays in the background.

Pending by Marilisa Vergottini, Marketplace Sotheby’s | 24280 NE 26th Court, Sammamish

I love the modern lines, the subway tiles and the use of both light and space in this kitchen; I just envision lots of laughter, tiny conversations going on throughout the room, Holiday music blaring and someone yelling not to let the dog out.

SOLD by Scott Whittlesey, Marketplace Sotheby’s | 4020 94th Avenue NE Yarrow Point WA

There’s something magical about including the outdoors as part of your kitchen; not only does it add an entirely new space to the inclusion, but it also brings nature into your home. My husband enjoys cigars and we both enjoy the outdoors, so to be able to finish dinner and head to the patio to curl up next to the fire for a hot toddy and a cigar? Smashing.

Listed by Jamie Michaud, Realogics Sotheby’s | 28 Forest Glen Lane, Lakewood

The granite countertops are the most delicious shade of sunshine and the glass subway tiles mirror the color and bring warmth to the entire kitchen. I love the french window cupboards with glassware and lighting; the shape of the kitchen could easily become cramped, but the skylights, curated lighting and use of different textures creates an open and welcoming space.

Significant Sales | Olga Dyckman

Selling the Skyline of Seattle | The Seattle Condo Group

Selling the Skyline of Seattle | The Seattle Condo Group

As the holidays approach there’s a rush to showcase sold properties and to highlight the work that the year has wrought; it’s my favorite time of year because it’s not about selling - it’s the celebration of a job well done, a highlight of happy clients!

Making at Impact

Who doesn’t love getting mail? I mean, really? Not the bills. Not the random coupon papers that inevitably fill the box. But real, actual mail. There’s always something magical about it. Someone thought of you. Someone cared enough to stick a stamp on something, walk out to the mailbox and connect with you in what has become a unique way.

* * *

At this point in time, only my Aunties send cards in the mail, usually with a sweet note and a photo or two that they found in their rummagings. But it always makes me pause. There’s the moment of surprise - what? A handwritten note with my name on it? Me? Wow.

Then there’s the walk into the house where I ignore everything else and turn the letter over to see if there’s any indication of the why I received such a gift. I am always in a wonder, excited to get inside and open it up. Junk mail goes in the garbage and then I get to focus on anything fun that came that day. (Anything from Amazon is a happy surprise too! A box for ME?)

* * *

Standing Out

Anyone can send a postcard; what makes yours different? Is it the high-end paper? Is it the custom design? The size? The shape? The textures? The headline? There are a myriad of options and customizing your connections with your clients adds a magical touch to something that might just as well have ended up in the trash bin. My clients work with high end stunning homes and the designs that they require need to be just as beautiful.

Postcards for Jason G. showcasing an awesome sale in only a week.

Postcards for Jason G. showcasing an awesome sale in only a week.

Event Postcard for Scott W. highlighting his stunning Clyde Hill listing.

Event Postcard for Scott W. highlighting his stunning Clyde Hill listing.

* * *

My Favorites

This season, I’m in love with simplicity, elegance and whimsy. It’s the time of year where a cup of coffee and a good book are high on the priority list, so if something shows up in the mailbox, it had better be worth curling up with.

Signature Sales XL Postcards for Mary N. and Kathy M. celebrating their amazing 3rd quarter this year.

Signature Sales XL Postcards for Mary N. and Kathy M. celebrating their amazing 3rd quarter this year.