Property Branding | Tied with a Bow

Life happens. Listings lag. Clients fall out and change their minds. Finances can get in the way of a clients big dreams.
Luckily, your listing can always get a fresh start.

2019 back to school plan.jpg

Special Release | September 2019

For Homes on the Market 40+ Days

There’s something magical that happens when you wrap your arms around a project and take ownership of it - it makes you feel invested. Real estate agents do it all the time; they fall in love with a property. You almost have to, to be able to sell it.

As a designer, I fall in love with properties, too. It’s one of the main reasons that I do what I do. I fall in love with a property and learn all its quirks (“the basement may be haunted and we’re looking into it….”) and hidden treasures (“Oh Em Gee, it still has the original hardwood floors and clawfoot bathtub in the master bath….*swoon…”), and then I tell the story of the home, taking in the staging and incredible photography and creating a brand to match.

From those pieces, everything else falls elegantly into place, from the website to the postcards and everything in between. I’m able to offer the Sunshine Plan because knowing the property from the beginning makes all of the collateral easier to create.

So, here’s our special Back-to-School Plan for homes that have been on the market for more than the 40+ days since spring began, homes that are ready for a little bit of love and a fresh perspective, all wrapped up…

…& tied with a bow.


Back-to-school Plan | $650

  • 3-5 Page Property Website

  • Vertical/Horizontal 2-to-4-Page Brochure

  • Copywriting + MLS Verbiage

Back-to-school Plan | Extras

  • Existing Website Update + Blog Post: $275

  • Postcard Design: $175

  • Facebook/Instagram/Social Media Images: (3) $75

    “Sunshine Plan | Extras” are only available at the prices listed if included with the original “Sunshine Plan".”