Even a Handyman Needs an Remodel: Roof to Cellar Contractors, LLC

Steven Strain - or as he’s affectionately known by all his clients, My Hero, The Handyman - hung out a shingle in 2013 and has been doing all the handyman things from changing a lightbulb to adding on to homes and refurbishing apartments. Over the last two years, he’s gotten so much work that he’s taken on employees and has multiple teams out making handyman magic for his clientele.

It was time for an upgrade.

We wanted a brand that would translate to apparel, website, online marketing and, of course, the vans and signage. It needed to be clean, but solid and be a brand that his team would be happy to have on their t-shirts and workwear. It only took three rounds and we hit the right tone for his business! We rocked out an awesome website and Steven is thrilled! And, I have another amazing human in my toolbox that I can recommend for real estate audits!

So, if you’re in need of a handyman to do a walk through with you on the home that’s ready to go to market and just needs some love, I highly recommend Steven Strain and Roof to Cellar Contractors, LLC!


So, for starters, Barry Long is one of the most badass real estate agents I’ve ever worked with. He’s wildly creative, hard working and really understands his clients. Barry Long and Rod Moore have been working with the MLS to change the rules of engagement a bit, and they’ve been wildly successful. They have effectively implemented changes in the Northwest MLS making us the first state in the country with a comprehensive set of accessibility options for agents to use when listing and buying homes with accessibility features.

Barry proudly offers his clients a one-of-a-kind experience that includes the distinct capability to find and market Accessible, Age-in-Place, and Universal Design properties. Whether you have existing accessibility features or want to find an accessible or adaptable home, Barry knows the right questions to ask and will work closely with you; utilizing years of first-hand experience and a strong social network to get you where you need to be.

Every step of the way this project was a blast. Looking forward to the next marketing collateral that Barry Long Homes brings to the table! <3