Postcards, Postcards & More Postcards

Postcards for Olga - June 2019.jpg

What does one do when the busy season cranks up early?
Why, postcards, of course!

There’s nothing better than getting an excited message from your client telling you that not only do they have listing going on the market, but they are selling houses so fast that they barely have time to do sales success postcards before it’s time for the next listing.

Hello, June; I see you brought the busy season to the Pacific Northwest. Not only is postcard design its own particular kind of advertising, but I love love LOVE when my clients are successful!

THE CHALLENGE: There’s a wonderful challenge to showcasing the homes that have sold while highlighting the agent and creating an invitation to consider selling - and on top off all that, it has to be able to be noticed in a pile of mail on the kitchen counter.

Challenge Accepted.


If you’re considering property branding, sales success postcards or even just an open house email campaign - let’s chat!