Happy Solstice: Listing Presentations

Esperluette Creative Listing Presentations 2019.jpg

The summer solstice always makes me pause and reorient myself, my life and my business.

Today I’ve been organizing some of my files and oogling my listing presentations over the last few years, and I’m enjoying how different they each are and how unique to each client. So many cool designs, so much good content and good heavens, my clients have the prettiest properties!

If you’ve been working in real estate for more than two minutes, you know that a listing presentation is one of the most influential pieces that you can showcase to your clients. It’s your resume, an example of your marketing prowess and a first impression all in one.

A listing presentation should be smart, savvy and expertly designed. You want to make a great first impression and then leave a little something behind for them to remember you by. It should be something that your potential seller can pick up later, something that they’ll want to read through again, something that intrigues them.

Most importantly, you want to show your potential seller that not only do you come with the backing of your brokerage, but with years of experience, excellent reviews, and a marketing plan that’s second to none! There’s no better way to rock that first impression!

Ready for a listing presentation that reflects all that you are as a realtor?