Social Media

Symo Social | Specializing in Real Estate

Social Media is a huge undertaking; and no, posting random photos occasionally or taking pictures of your food doesn't count. Especially if you want to make a real impact.

Wouldn't it be great to have someone post regularly for you on all your social media? Someone to reply to comments, add followers, and give you a heads up when leads come through social media?

“Right after signing up with Symo Social, a client from years ago I’d lost touch with saw one of her posts for me on Facebook. She shared it to a friend selling their home for over one million dollars who ended up choosing me as their agent.”
— Matt Parker, Waterfront Real Estate Agent
  • Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter setup and/or optimization

  • Setup of Hootsuite social media tool ($350 annually, included in package cost)

  • 4 posts a week across all social media

  • Connecting with real, engaged followers 

  • Every post handwritten by Rose Symotiuk, a local, experienced social media professional